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Control and Arbitration Department - (MCIA) (under the aegis of The Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security)


Control Board

How do I apply for a separate test?

You must call at the office of the Board where explanations will be given to you to enable you to take a decision. An application form will be given to you. The form must be filled and returned to the Board, together with a photocopy of your latest Sugar Insurance Fund Board (SIFB) card, on or before 15th March.
Where several planters wish to be included in the test, the form must be signed by all of them and copies of their SIFB cards must be annexed.
Once that the Board has notified the planter that the test has been granted, the latter must contact the SIFB sub-office in his area so that the test code on his SIFB card may be amended.

Will I get a high "extraction" or assessment rate if I have a separate test?

Not necessarily, as much will depend on the maturity of the cane at the time of delivery. Other factors such as variety, climate, freshness and cleanliness of the cane also have an influence on the sucrose content and hence on the assessment rate. It is therefore necessary to monitor your harvest.

What must I do when I have acquired a plot of land under cane cultivation?

First you must register with the SIFB at one of its sub-offices. You must bring along all notarial documents relating to the plot of land. A SIFB card will then be issued to you. This card must be presented when you enter into contract with the miller, a cooperative society or a middleman.
The contract contains clauses pertaining to the delivery of canes and the allocation of sugar and by-products and other related issues. It is binding on both planter and miller. Contracts must be signed by the 31st May in any crop year.
If you are unable to sign the contract before the 31st May then you must call at the Control Board, Reduit, where, on presentation of your SIFB card for the current crop, a " late" permit will be issued to you free of charge. This permit will enable you to into enter into contract within a period of 15 days.

What must a planter do if he wants to change his factory area?

He must write to the Board before the 31st January in any year, stating the reasons for his request. Such reasons must not be based exclusively on the higher efficiency of any other factory.  The officers of the Board will then examine the application.

Where can I get information on any matter pertaining to the Board?

During the crop season you may phone to or call at Control Board laboratories located at cane delivery sites (loading zones and factories) and at the Head Office, Reduit. 
During the inter crop, when all laboratories are closed, you may contact the Head Office, Reduit on the following telephone numbers : 454-1028, 454-1029, 454-0271 or 465-7259.
You may also obtain additional information (on assessments of sugar, molasses and scum, refund of transport cost, etc) by consulting the website of the Board at the following address or by sending any queries at the following e-mail address